Hair Transplant Abroad

Many people choose to have their hair transplant done abroad because as they are much cheaper than in England.

Especially the Turkish and Greek clinics entice with extremely cheap prices on hair transplants but it can be difficult to orientate oneself in the booming healthcare industry in the southern countries.
Moreover, the fierce price competition of the clinics forces them to compromise on both safety and quality.

Turkey has as many as 500 clinics that offer hair transplants, while only 32 of them are certified by ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, to perform treatments for hair loss.

Although the situation in Greece is significantly better, there is still a high risk of being mistreated.
Most often, the clinics are pure money machines, where inexperienced clinic assistants perform hair transplants on a roll and without approval.

Treatment abroad in a clinic without an ISHRS certificate carries an increased risk of:

  • Skin infection
  • Extensive scarring on the front and back of the head
  • Ingrown hair follicles, which must be removed surgically
  • Unnatural results due to incorrect placement and angling of hair follicles
  • Low survival rate of the transplanted hair follicles
  • No results

Safe Hair Transplant with a natural result in Germany

A growing number of patients who have been mistreated in Turkey or Greece turn to our German clinic for a correction of their hair transplant.

Our ISHRS certified clinic in Berlin specializes in the treatment of hair loss, has English-speaking staff and is just a short flight from England.

Germany stands for high quality standards and strict legal requirements. The German health authorities' guidelines of hair transplant clinics eliminate the risk of failed treatments.

In addition, we offer both preliminary examination and follow-up, to make it both easier and cheaper for you - to give you the best possible result.

Contact us today and learn how much you can save on your hair transplant in Germany!

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