Hair Transplant in Greece?

Many choose Greece as an option to save money on their hair transplantation, but often patients experience unexpected problems and return with unnatural results.

Far from home

The cost of a hair transplant in Greece is usually lower than at home, but the journey itself usually takes 3-5 days, and can be expensive enough in itself. Should a treatment evaluation be required. You have to pay for another trip down south and tear 3-5 days off the calendar. Greek doctors and nurses are often bad at English and may lead to misunderstandings between the doctor and the patient thus leading to a poor result.

Benefit transport benefits in Germany

  • Preliminary examination and follow-up in Berlin
  • Short travel time - fly out and back the same day or take the car
  • English speaking staff - feel at home and avoid misunderstandings
  • EU-certified doctors - safety, security and treatment guarantee
  • Natural results - individually tailored treatment courses
  • Up to 70% cheaper than in UK



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