Hair Transplantation
- on the day treatment

Arrival & accomodation

Your trip to Berlin depends on what you prefer.

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Some bring their family with them and enjoy a few days in Berlin before the treatment. If you want more nights / upgrades (eg double room) than the included accommodation, you can book it at a reduced price via a link that you receive from us.

Morning treatment:

It is best to arrive the day before if you have an appointment at 09:00. Then you can wake up relaxed and enjoy your breakfast in the hotel before arriving for your treatment. After your treatment, retreat to your hotel in the afternoon or return home in the evening. If driving, please have a companion drive the car.

Afternoon / evening treatment:

If you need treatment in the afternoon or in the evening, you can also choose to arrive directly at the clinic on Kurfürstendamm.

After your treatment, you can go home immediately. You can also choose to stay overnight at our 4-star hotel just opposite the clinic and then fly or drive home the next day. If driving, please have a companion drive the car.


At the clinic

If you arrive at the airport. Take a taxi to the hotel or arrive at the clinic at the agreed appointment time where our English speaking staff will greet you.
The hotel is a 2 min walk from the clinic. We start with a preliminary examination, where we review your treatment, draw your new hairline and you will meet our professional treatment team.
The actual hair transplant lasts from 4 - 8 hours and is 100% pain free - many of our patients fall asleep during the procedure.
We use the efficient and gentle FUE method. During the procedure, hair follicles are removed individually from the donor area - the back of the head and sides, after which they are placed in the recipient area, taking into account the direction of hair growth.
Our treatments are very gentle and many of our patients choose to go home the same evening.

After the treatment

To ensure the best possible result, we offer a free follow-up consultation 6 and 12 months after the hair transplant. Here, our hair specialists will evaluate your result.

If you have further questions, see our FAQ

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Contact us today and get a nonbinding and free consultation. You are more than welcome to give us a call. We will give you expert advice regarding options for your treatment and answers to all your questions. Based on the consultation or conversation, we jointly put together a treatment plan to acommodate your needs.