Price example for hair transplant

3000 €

Treatment of receding hairline/high temples

  • Hotel
  • Free pre-examination
  • Hair transplant: 3000 hairs
  • Free PRP treatment
  • Free inspection after 6 and 12 months
  • Local treatment, medicine, shampoo, hat and sleeping pillow
  • No unexpected costs

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Novohair’s specialists are the first in Europe to unite the best of two worlds and use motorized and manual FUE methods – in one treatment.

By combining these proven methods and techniques it is possible to extract several hair in shorter time and reduces discomfort for the patient.

Novohair’s doctors use a high-tech precision tool the Lion Implanter for insertion of the new hair. This allows a significant increase in the survival rate of the follicles compared to other methods.

The individual hair follicles are inserted in the Lion Implanter and transferred to the donor area. When placing the hair follicles, the Lion implanter can control the growth direction of the hair to obtain a natural look and result.

At Novohair weu se the FUE method. It is the most gentle treatment you can find and gives you the best and most natural result.

The hair follicles are extracted individually from areas with dense hair growth. Typically the back of the head or the sides. Hereafter, the follicles are inserted on the receiving area in order to cover your scalp with the new hair.

Our team are specialists within treatment of hair loss and they are experts in obtaining natural results where both hair growth direction and nuances are carefully considered.

We know that a hair transplant is a relatively expensive treatment for most people. That is why we offer our clients completely interest free financing. This makes it possible for you to get your life changing treatment today. Read more

Our results are very effective. Your existing hair and the transplanted hair will look the same
See our before and after pictures

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