Our specialists in FUE hair transplants use the latest and most effective methods. All our treatments are pain free and the results are completely natural.
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  • Martin

    Hair follicles: 3500
    Martin suffered from hair loss on the scalp and had high address his problems. We implanted 3500 hair follicles without temples. He wanted a hair transplant to complications and the patient was very satisfied with the result. You can clearly see the difference in the photo taken after the treatment.
  • Henrik

    Hair follicles: 1300
    It has been 11 months since Henrik received his hair transplant. Henrik writes: “expectations have been exceeded and I am very satisfied. I think I can still feel new hairs coming up now and then”.
  • Thomas

    Hair follicles: 4000
    Thomas suffered extensive hair loss, and his crown and temples were almost completely bald. In this case, our doctor estimated that it would require 4000 hair follicles to cover the areas that were exposed to hair loss.
  • Asger

    Hair follicles: 2350
    Asger was worried about his receding hairline, which is clear to see in the before picture. He therefore turned to the Novohair for advice. It was decided to transplant 2350 hair follicles to treat Asger's hair loss.
  • Christian

    Hair follicles: 1200
    Christian's hair started falling out 2 years ago, predominantly around the hairline and temples. As Christian's hair loss was not very extensive, we proposed a treatment plan with hair transplantation of 1200 hair follicles. To restore a hairline around the temples.



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